Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day

Tommorrow (or today if your reading this tommorrow), will be the day that so many of my fellow Americans will go to the voting booths and throw away their vote on a candidate that is truly running for president for the wrong reasons. And I'm talking about both of the main candidates. They are running on the ideas of left wing or right wing politics. I say to this problem........ Fuck that!!!

I run on three rights make a left wing politics. My stance is based purely on logical answers to problems made throughout the years based solely on stupidity. Our country has become a nation of "only I'm right", and have not learned to compromise. So, I aim to take the power back from everybody, and rule with an iron fist of "shut the fuck up and quit whining!" To hell with compromise, since nobody will listen anyways. Both republican and democrat will hate me equally, therefore, I shall become the great equalizer.

Seriously, throw me out an idea, or a topic, and I'll show you how my idea will improve society, whether you agree with me or not. Just leave your comments, ideas, or topics in the debate bar located on the right of your screen.

Keep it real America, and don't forget to waste your vote on November 4th.

It's not about who will help America the most this year, but who will fuck us the least.

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