Saturday, November 1, 2008

No child left behind.


This is one of those policies that just has to go. Parents of America's youth, you need to realize that passing children no matter if they apply themselves or not is not going to improve our nations chances of survival. This is life, not tee-ball. Not everybody gets a trophy just for showing up.

If your child is stupid, there is no way in hell they should pass on to the next grade level. Your child needs to grasp whatever grade level concept that is introduced and taught to him/her or else we go old school, we hold them back in that grade to learn it again with younger kids that are smarter than them. Tough? Sure. Necessary? Definitely.

I see the outcome of having no child left behind. I see it every time I go through the drive-thru at my local "Wendy's". 19 year old kids that have no concept of counting change or basic verbal skills necessary to make it in life. Personally, I have no idea how they're trusted around hot oil without burning their dicks off. These kids are stupid, because our education system failed them. Not because we failed to teach them, but we failed to follow through with the lessons by letting them advance with no proof that they can grasp the concept we were trying to have them apply.

That's why I see kids in sixth grade, that when asked, "Hey Johnny, whats 2 x 2?", Johnny's answer is, "Yellow." Fucking idiot.

No more America. Your kids are fucking morons, because they don't do homework, they don't apply themselves, and we've become a nation of enablers. "Oh poor me, my baby got a bad grade, and it's the teachers fault. He shouldn't have to stay behind a grade." Bullshit. Not only should he be held back, but you should get bitch slapped for not jumping all down his throat for being a fuck off. Teachers get paid to teach, and your job is to parent. They're doing their jobs, what's your excuse?

So from here on out, it's like this. Kids, if you want to fuck around during school and not learn anything then fine, you can stay a kid your entire life, because you're not going to be sent to the next grade level unless you can shut up, listen, and LEARN. Humiliation is the best way for a child to understand that they've messed up. And when Junior is 12 years old in the 4th grade, then maybe, just maybe, he'll pull his head out of his ass.

I am AQ, and I approved this message.


  1. My hat goes off to you kind Sir! You're written opinion has hit the nail right on it's head. I agree wholeheartedly not just with your analys but with your solution as well. Basically, the above words makes me wanna go outside and slap the shit out of the next adult I see. I hope others will see that you are correct and this issue.

  2. Um don't become a Spuds Technician without some education! Ha ha! I agree. We no longer teach our children to try to compete and beat the next kid because it feels good to win. I had ballet teachers curse me out in other languages. I never left class without crying and fearing for my life but I was a well-trained ballerina in my day. Now when I teach, I make kids cry or their parents aren't getting their money's worth! Too many people are afraid of hurting children's feelings. That's what makes them who they are. Who will run this country or any large company in 20 years? I fear for the future of this country...except if you become Prez!